About Us

Message from the President

In 1946, Neturen Co., Ltd. became the first company in Japan to successfully commercialize and industrialize IH (Induction Heating) technology.

IH is an environmentally-friendly “Double-Eco” technology that is both non-polluting (Ecological) and resource-saving (Economical).

As a pioneer of IH, Neturen has applied the know-how it has accumulated in the field since the company’s inauguration and its sophisticated technological and development capabilities to take on heat-treatment machining by commission and developed highly-original products that have contributed to and brought about innovations in a wide diversity of industries.

Neturen owes its existence and ability to fulfill a meaningful role through its contributions to society to the unchanging patronage and steadfast support of all its stakeholders. 

 To realize “enhancement of its corporate value through a harmonious and symbiotic relationship with its customers, clients, shareholders, society and employees” and with the goal of maintaining its standing as a dignified company, it is my hope that Neturen will relentlessly continue in its endeavors to play an ever greater role in society in the future, never losing sight of our founding principle of “Neturen for Technology.”

It is my heartfelt wish that all our stakeholders will continue to give us their constant support and guidance as we move forward together into the future.

Katsumi Omiya
Representative Director, Member of the Board
President and Chief  Executive Officer