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Environmental Undertakings

Recognizing that the conservation of our precious global environment is the most important issue currently shared by the entire human race, Neturen Co., Ltd. promotes its business activities based on the following policy and a fundamental philosophy of proactively pursuing conservation of the environment of the global community as a critical element of its corporate activities.


As a pioneer in the field of clean, high-frequency induction heating technology, Neturen Co., Ltd. is committed to the implementation of the following undertakings.

(1) Neturen Co., Ltd. endeavors to realize continuing reduction of the environmental load by taking steps to prevent environmental pollution at each stage of product development and manufacturing and in the provision of its products and services.
(2) To realize continuing improvements, Neturen Co., Ltd. promotes energy and resource-saving, recycling and reduction of waste products.
(3) Neturen Co., Ltd. complies with laws and regulation, pacts and requirements pertaining to environmental conservation and operates an Environmental Management System.
(4) Neturen Co., Ltd. sets and makes every effort to achieve concrete environmental goals and objectives, which it regularly reviews and, when necessary, revises.
(5) To realize this environmental policy, all employees of Neturen Co., Ltd. and all other persons who work for the company in any capacity comply with the Environmental Management System.
  Date of Establishment: April 1, 2007
          Representative Director and President  Katsumi Omiya,