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Heating process monitor

Heating process monitor “VIZWATCHER®

Developed by Neturen, “VIZWATCHER®” is a device that calculates changes in coil voltage(V) , power supply output voltage (I) and impedance(Z) that take place during the heating process and performs monitoring of such changes to ensure appropriate heating. Gaining an accurate picture of elements such as changes in the heating coil position and the operating status of the high-frequency power supply makes it possible to prevent the release of defective products. In addition, measured data can be sent to a PC and recorded and saved as equipment operating data.

Main body (standard device) Monitoring screen

Merits of introduction

①Prevention of release of defect heat-treated products
 ・Capable of detecting flaws such as heating coil gaps and positioning errors

②High-frequency power supply output status monitoring
 ・Capable of contact monitoring of the heating status

③Recording and saving of equipment operating data
 ・The heating status is saved as computer data in CSV format.
 ・Data can also be processed later in MS-Excel format.

Non-destructive Inspection Equipment

In pursuit of raising the level of quality control, Neturen is promoting non-destructive inspection technologies to and has introduced a total inspection procedure applying non-destructive technology in place of the conventional destructive random-sampling inspection method.

Case depth measurement

Neturen has developed a new induction quenched product case depth measuring technology and is promoting research into its application to diverse technologies including eddy current and ultrasonic wave methods utilizing sophisticated electromagnetic field analysis.

Case depth measurement
Simulated result of
non-destructive testing using eddy-current method
Magnetic flux density distribution

Flaw detection

Neturen selects optimum inspection methods matched to diverse shapes and purposes and has developed and introduced automatic flaw detectors that are used for in-house quality assurance.

Magnetic flux leakage flow detector for inner tube of front fork pipe Eddy current flaw detector for coupling Eddy current flaw detector for tappet roller
Magnetic flux leakage flow detector for inner tube of front fork pipe Eddy current flaw detector for coupling Eddy current flaw detector for tappet roller

Measuring cooling performance device

Water-soluble quenching coolants are usually controlled according to densities converted from values resulting from measurement by devices such as saccharimeters and viscometers. However, prolonged use of cooling fluid results in changes in cooling speed due to phenomena such as thermal degradation and contamination by impurities. To address this problem, Neturen has developed a measuring cooling performance devic cooling capacity measurement device capable of controlling the actual fluid density by measuring the time taken for the coolant to achieve cooling from 500℃ to 150℃ during actual usage and comparing the results of measurement with new cooling fluid.


  • Direct measurement of cooling behavior within a stable cooling curve zone of 500℃ or less
  • Ability to control fluid densities of water soluble quenching coolants such a PVA, PAG and PEG types
  • Ability to perform rapid measurements by induction heating
  • Compact size that allows the device to be set on a desk or table
Measuring cooling performance device