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“PALNIP®” processing

Induction quenching has won acclaim not only because it uses clean electrical energy, but also because it is a form of W-eco (Ecological & Economical) heat treatment that features excellent energy efficiency and economy, and is widely used to improve the fatigue strength and toughness of a wide range of parts in the automotive, construction machinery, machining and other industries.

On the other hand, demands in recent years for the downsizing, weight reduction and improved functionality of parts is creating a situation in which conventional individual heat treatment technologies cannot keep up with demand. Neturen is promoting R&D into composite heat treatment technologies that offer high added value unachievable by induction quenching only. One of these is a composite heat treatment technology that combines salt nitrocarburizing and induction quenching. Although research into this kind of composite technology has been ongoing over a long period of time, in every case, problems were encountered where nitrogen compound layer   formed during salt nitrocarburizing was degraded (oxidized) or lost during the next induction quenching process.

To address this situation, in collaboration with NIHON PARKERIZING CO.,LTD Neturen has developed “PALNIP,” a process that does not degrade the nitrogen nitridized compound layer.

This technology is characterized by the following features: (1) The steel surface is coated with an oxidation resistant coating before induction quenching and (2) SRIQ (Super Rapid Induction heating & Quenching) is performed at low temperature for one second or less to prevent degradation of the nitrogen compound layer (See the diagram). This process is a composite heat treatment method that both enhances abrasion and friction resistance performance by salt nitrocarburizing and improves fatigue life by induction quenching and is already widely used for automotive parts.

As well as automotive parts, Neturen anticipates that this technology will be extended to include other parts that require both abrasion resistance and fatigue strength.

PALNIP Processing

“PALNIP” is a registered trademark of NIHON PARKERIZING CO.,LTD .