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Box Culvert for Public Utilities Conduits
Box Culvert for
Public Utilities Conduits

Box Culvert for Public Utilities Conduits

Neturen’s PC steel bars are high-strength steel bars that are used to apply compressive force in advance to pre-stressed concrete, a material vulnerable to tension, to improve its properties and enhance the strength of concrete buildings and serve to apply constant pressure to concrete at a yield point of 80%.

Neturen’s PC steel bars are widely used not only for applications such as concrete piles for foundation, concrete poles for power transmission and communication, concrete sleepers on railway tracks, sewers and box culverts for public utility conduits, but also for bridges and construction.

Types and Mechanical Properties of PC Steel Bars (JIS G 3109)

Grade Symbol Yield
Relaxation loss
Grade A No. 2 SBPR 785/1030 785min 1030min 5min 4.0max
Grade B No.1 SBPR 930/1080 930min 1080min
No.2 SBPR 930/1180 930min 1180min
Grade C No.1 SBPR 1080/1230 1080min 1230min
Nominal Dia. 9.2mm, 11mm, 13mm(15mm), 17mm(19mm)(21mm)23mm, 26mm(29mm), 32mm, 36mm, 40mm

(Comment) JIS G 3109 stipulates that “the name should preferably be used with parentheses.”

Load elongation diagram
Load elongation diagram
Relaxation loss diagram
Relaxation loss  diagram
Diameter Grade GradeA No.2 GradeB No.1 GradeC No.1
Symbol(SBPR) 785/1030 930/1080 1080/1230
23mm Tensile strength
1060 1126 1279
Yield strength
955 1076 1178

pdfProduct catalog

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