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All thread PC steel bar - NEJIBON

All thread PC steel bar - NEJIBON

After the formation of thread-shaped nodes along its length by heat rolling,
NEJIBON is subjected to induction heat treatment.
This is an All thread PC steel bar equivalent to JIS G 3109.

Steel exclusively for PC steel bars is used for NEJIBON and, after formation by hot rolling of a thread shape identical to rebars for mechanical joints used in reinforced concrete structures, NEJIBON is subjected to induction quenching and tempering to produce an all thread PC steel bar with mechanical properties equivalent to a PC steel bar. Since the process requires no thread rolling, the bar can be cut to the required length on the construction site and fixed in place.

NEJIBON types and mechanical properties (JIS G 3109)

Grade Symbol Yield strength
Tensile strength
Relaxation loss
GradeB No.1 SBPD 930/1080 930min 1080min 5min 4.0max
GradeC No.1 SBPD1080/1230 1080min 1230min
Diameter D22mm,D25mm,D32mm,D36mm 

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