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Cap ten pile method of
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The Cap Ten Pile (CTP) method comprises mounting a precast concrete (PC) ring on the pile head and joining the pile and foundation. Shear force generated during an earthquake from the upper structure is transmitted to the pile via the PC ring. The pile head is semi-rigid connection , enabling alleviation of shear force concentrated on the pile head during an earthquake and this not only reduces damage to the pile material, but also contributes to reduced pile and footing beam costs.

Features of this method

  • Simplicity of pile head installation and fast and easy construction
  • Reduction of the pile head bending moment means less damage to the pile material than that seen in conventional construction methods and improved seismic resistance.
  • Reduction of the pile head moment enables reduction of the cross-sectional areas of smaller footing beams and piles,realizing major reductions in the amount of concrete and rebars.
    In addition, this is an environmentally-friendly method that enables reduction in the amount of earth displaced.
  • Calculation of the pile head join and pile material can be performed easily and quickly using dedicated software.
  • Suitable for use with all cast-in-place piles including steel pipe rolling
  • Ordinary accreditation acquired from The Building Center of Japan on December 2005 (BCJ accreditation - FD0230-01)

Enquiries should be directed to theCap Ten Pile Association.

pdfProduct catalog pdfProduct catalog

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