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Bi-Prestressing construction method

The Bi-prestressing construction method is applied when the concrete compressive stress is at maximum in structures such as bridges due to low girder heights featured in the normal “pre-stressed concrete” design method.
Applying this construction method, PC steel bars are set in the compressed concrete side and overall pre-stress force is reduced by applying compressive force to the steel bars and tensile force to the concrete.
This construction method enables the realization of design even at low girder heights not possible in structures where the normal “pre-stressed concrete” is applied.
While the mechanical properties PC steel bars required to withstand tensile forces are specified in JIS standards, the mechanical properties required to withstand compressive force are not.
The compressive force characteristics of PC steel bars differ depending on manufacturing methods and manufacturers.
Neturen ensures that its PC steel bars comply with the standard strength by applying quenching and tempering processes to realize more or less equal mechanical properties to withstand both tensile and compressive force so that they can be used for the Bi-prestressing stressing construction method.

Load (compressive) – Elongation (contraction) diagram
Load (compressive) – Elongation (contraction) diagram

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