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Hollow rack bars

About Rack bars?

A rack bar is a structural part of automotive steering devices (rack and pinion gear) and fulfills the role of changing the tire direction after the rotary motion from the steering wheel has been converted into linear motion via the pinion gear.

Rack bar and pinion shaft

3 features of rack bars (Technology)

·Neturen’s hollow rack bars are small lightweight items capable of making major contributions to automobile mileage.

1. Realization of light weight by application of cold successive forming process technology to Neturen’s original hollow material (pipes) Solid material percentage: Realization of a maximum reduction in weight of 50%

Photograph of hollow rack bar exterior
Effects of realization of light weight

2.Compatibility with Neturen’sVGR(Variable Gear Range)design and manufacture、improved steering wheel turning performance, downsizing of EPS(Electric Power Steering)motor

Image of inner tube1

3.Improved toughness ensured by the precision of induction heat treatment technology
Bending strength is 1.5 times greater than that of solid

Image of inner tube2

Comparison of the strength of hollow and solid rack bars with the same specifications

Since the launch of manufacture in 2002, Neturen has manufactured more than 10 million hollow rack bars. Hollow rack bars are loaded in a wide range of vehicles including large RVs, sports cars, commercial vehicles and cars with 1000cc engines (compact).

Neturen’s hollow rack bar received the Ministry of economy, Trade and Industry, manufacturing Industries Award in 2012!