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Front fork inner tubes

About Front Fork Inner Tubes?

A front fork is an axle that supports the front wheel of a two-wheeled vehicle from both sides.

An inner tube is a pipe that is used inside the front fork.

About Front Fork Inner Tubes?

Features of Neturen Inner Tubes

Front Fork Inner Tube

Neturen’s induction heat treatment technology makes it possible to perform quenching of thin-walled steel tubes (pipes). While the usual thickness of an inner tube wall is 2 – 3mm, Neturen has realized an inner tube wall thickness of 2mm or less.
The high surface roughness level compared to products of other companies ensures low friction over prolonged periods of time.

Motorbike mounted with Neturen inner tube

Neturen inner tubes are mainly loaded in KTM off-road bikes.

As well as KTM, Neturen inner tubes are also loaded in bikes produced by manufacturers such as BMW and Triumph.

KTM off-road bike Triumph BMW