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Quenching and tempering equipment for cylinder blocks

Quenching and tempering equipment for cylinder blocks
Equipment specifications
Loading work piece V-type inline cylinder block
Cycle time: 290 seconds (photograph)
Maximum speed: :89 seconds (V-type 8 cylinders)
Equipment size: W4,000xL12,000xH3,800 (Photograph)
Quenching equipment /Tempering equipment /Cooling equipment
Coil Quenching coil: 1 bore, 1 row
Tempering coil: 4-bore parallel
High-frequency power supply Quenching:150kW
Tempering: (150kW) Switching operation

Traditionally, diesel engine performance was improved by inserting a hard liner inside the cylinder block bore to realize strength and abrasion resistance.
Neturen’s equipment performs direct quenching and tempering of the inner bore surface by induction heating to realize strength greater than that provided by a hard liner, resulting in a manufacturing process that is both cheaper and more stable than conventional methods.