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Induction Heat Treatment Simulation Technology

Induction Heat Treatment Simulation Technology

Original Induction Heat Treatment Simulation System

  • Neturen has developed a highly accurate simulation system with the coupled analysis method of “magnetic field” and “temperature - metallic composition - stress/strain” using the Finite Element Method (FEM).

  • As a predictive tool for the complicated phenomena of heat-treatment processes, induction heat treatment simulation is used to enhance the design of heat-treatment equipment such as heating coils and to improve the heat treatment quality, thereby reducing the number of prototypes required and cutting down on design and development time.

  • Analysis conditions such as workpiece rotation and heating coil movement are applied to a 3-dimensional FEM model, and it is possible to perform the simulation under various heat treatment conditions.

Coupled analysis system of induction heat treatment simulation

Coupled analysis system of induction heat treatment simulation

Simulated results

  • An induction heat treatment simulation makes it possible to obtain various information about the interior of the workpiece which is difficult to ascertain visually or by measurements during the induction quenching and tempering processes. We aim to achieve further lower levels of heat-treatment distortion by analyzing these information changes in detail.
(1) Temperature distribution (2) Metallic composition and hardness distributions (3) Stress and strain distributions
(4) Quenching distortion (5) Current and heat generation distributions (6) Magnetic flux density and magnetic field distributions

Example of simulation

3-dimensional simulation of induction heating in automotive/construction machinery parts

Temperature graph

Temperature distribution after heating