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Neturen Disclosure Policy

Neturen Disclosure Policy(Corporate Information Disclosure Policy)

Neturen regards the timely disclosure of corporate information to be an important element of management from the standpoint of compliance and accountability. To ensure the promulgation and awareness of this concept throughout the company and the disclosure of information in a timely and appropriate manner, Neturen has established the “Neturen Disclosure Policy” detailed below.

1. Information Disclosure Policy

As well as complying with the Companies Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and other laws and ordinances as well as regulations for the timely disclosure of information (*) set by the stock exchange on which its shares are listed (Tokyo Stock Exchange), Neturen discloses information to all its shareholders and investors with the focus on speed, accuracy, fairness and simplicity. With the exception of cases in which it is important that information be disclosed and the parties concerned have given their prior consent, Neturen does not disclose personal information, customer information or information that infringes, or may infringe upon the rights of the parties concerned.

2.Method of Information Disclosure

The disclosure of information based on regulations for timely disclosure is performed in accordance with the system for the timely disclosure of information (TDnet) implemented by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, to realize broad-based and fair provision of disclosed information, Neturen provides such information through press conferences with news media, the distribution of documents and postings on its homepage.

3.Fair Information Disclosure

Neturen makes every effort to ensure that information is not disclosed to specific parties only.
In particular, to prevent the leakage of information on financial results, responses are not provided to questions regarding information on financial results during the period from the last day of a fiscal quarter until the date of disclosure of said information.

4.Regarding Predictions such as Earnings Forecasts

Information pertaining to predictions such as earnings forecasts included in documents disclosed by Neturen is determined based on obtainable information at the time of disclosure and includes a large number of indeterminate elements. Actual results may differ from such predictions due to changes in the company’s circumstances, economic status and industrial conditions.

5.In-house System for the Disclosure of Information

Neturen makes every effort to maintain and realize optimum operation of its in-house systems and organizations to ensure the disclosure of information in a timely and appropriate manner based on the above items.

6.Contacts for Enquiries regarding Information Disclosure

Oval Court Osaki Mark West, 2-17-1 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8639
Information on Financial Results: Accounting Department
Other information: Planning and Legal Affairs Section, Planning and Coordination Department

*Regulations pertaining to matters such as the timely disclosure of corporate information of issuers of listed securities