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Approval number: MSRB-0024

Features of this Method

  • Cost cuts and reduced construction time can be achieved by reducing the size of the cross-sectional area of piles.
  • The use of ULBON Spiral Shear Reinforcement dramatically improves deformability because provides high-strength shear reinforcement.
  • When ordinary rebars are used, ULBON Spiral Shear Reinforcement makes it possible to reduce the diameter of the shear-reinforcing rebars, thereby reducing the rebar volume. In addition, this makes for improved concrete filling performance.
  • Because on-site welding is not required, work can be performed even on rainy days, and uniform quality is ensured.
  • ULBON Spiral Shear Reinforcement improves performance by boosts the pile strength.
Construction of building-support foundation

ULBON Specifications

Shear reinforcement: ULBON manufactured based on Class-D Standard No. 1 of JIS G 3137 (Small-diameter deformed PC steel bar), is used for shear reinforcement.
However, ULBON also includes rebars nominal diameters U15 and U17 that provide performance equivalent to JIS G 3137.

*U15 and U17 are rebar diameters exclusively for cast-in-place piles.

ULBON Shapes

ULBON Specifications
*U15 and U17 are rebar diameters exclusively for cast-in-place piles.

Mechanical Properties of ULBON
Mechanical Properties  Characteristics  of ULBON

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