ITW® stands for Induction heated, quenched and Tempered Wire, which is our trade name for high-strength spring steel wire that has been high-frequency heat treated


Uniform strength over the entire length and small strength variation between product coils → Helps to suppress shape variation during spring formin

Fine and uniform microstructure without additives due to rapid and short heat treatment

Microstructure Photograph
Microstructure Photograph

Synergistic effect of fine quenched microstructure and high-frequency short-time tempering results in high strength and high toughness ⇒ Excellent formability

Codes and mechanical properties of ITW

We can also manufacture products outside the standard tensile strength range above. Please consult us separately.

Wire diameter tolerance and deviation

In addition to our SWI series, we also manufacture high-frequency heat-treated spring steel wire of special specifications using SWOSC-B (JIS G 3560) and alloy steel.

Target Wire Diameter


Please consult us for wire diameters other than the above.

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